Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What I'm Hooked On These Days

I love melancholic songs of death, break-ups and heartache. I also happen to love kick-ass songs of empowerment, especially women empowerment. Go ladies! Hehehe. miss A's Good Bye Baby happens to fit the bill of empowerment :) The song and the video are not as gobsmaking as I expected (relative to their great previews). This song is intelligently sarcastic, lyrics-wise (kudos to the lyricist!) and catchy. I also think the chorus needs to be emphasized and louder (again just like their 4 previews). I'm really disappointed to not be able to see Min slapping the guy :( I want THAT storyline where all of them slap/whatever the cheating bastard, attractive that he may be :) I just thought that they should make the beat stronger (like in the preview).

Jia really stood out this time, but I already knew that she's a great dancer and she has the scratchy voice I really like. She looks beautiful in long orange hair and her singing and rapping are good. Min, my favourite, well, her expressions are really great. In fact she's the best since she has that I-don't-care and contemptuous looks all through out the video. She makes the best smirks around :) I really hope Min and Fei will have more parts in the future. After all, they are good singers. Fei needs more parts as I also happen to like her singing. She also look outstading with long brunette hair. Suzy, what can I say. She needs more training. Lots of it, in fact. She's less hesitant than before but I predict of various mistakes in their life performances, like she is wont to do. She needs to be as confident as the rest. Cuteness may be associated to her, but she needs to keep up with the rest's quiet elegance and sexiness.

However, I love miss A's brand of charm and elegance. They happen to be all great singers and dancers, relative to most Kpop girl groups. They have the kick ass attitude without the need to scream 'I'M POWERFUL!'. Don't get me wrong, SNSD and 2Ne1 may be really popular but they are so bland to me. I love 2Ne1's Apa, but the rest, not so much. I've heard them live, they are not as good as miss A. Believe me, I've scoured of all live performances of miss A and 2Ne1 and miss A came out better. Bom may be a great singer, but her live singing is just so...uninspiring. As for SNSD, enough said. Some of them may be good dancers or good singers, but rarely they belong to both groups. Their choreography is cute, but oh so boring and repeated. I want them to come out with something great like miss A's choreo, but what can you expect from 9-people group? It's just too many people in a group.

So, without further ado. Here goes:


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