Friday, July 22, 2011

Personality 01

I'm an over-thinker. I over-think every aspect of my life, including simple things and exam questions. That is one main reason why I'm bad at silly quizzes and games. Let me share you some of my experiences:

  1. When I was camping (I was about 15-16 years old), everyone played a guessing game around a campfire. When it was my turn, somebody asked me, "How does an elephant goes into a refrigerator after a giraffe enters it first, followed by a rhino?". After what it felt like an eon, I answered brilliantly, "Why would an elephant wants to enter a refrigerator in the first place. Or any of the animals, by the way. Normal human refrigerator is too small. And these animals have absolutely no need to enter it, as they won't fit anyway.". No, I wasn't joking. And no, of course I didn't get it right.
  2. In a charade game, one word/sentence is given to you for you to act out for your team members to guess, right? My team would never win if I'm the actor. For example, if I'm given the word wind, the first thing I thought of is actually a leaf falling down on a slow moving river, floating along the waves. Yes, it's too far-fetched. And yes, to many people, that doesn't make sense.
  3. My sisters once asked me the definition of 'shore'. Yes, it was the sea line (edge of body of water). What I managed to come out with is 'you know, when the sea waves crash on the bla bla bla'. You get what I mean. It was so convoluted, my sisters ended up checking it on the dictionary later on. Until now, they tease me on that -_-

Anyway, it's also the main explanation why I talk so much and why I write so long ;P. I just have too many things in my head, I feel like exploding. So, I talk or write. And other people suffer for it. Your luck.


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