Monday, April 5, 2010

reality show today

what can be more entertaining than somebody else's misery?, that's a harsh, sarcastic sounding statement...but it's too true...have u ever watched some shows, reality show, like the wipeout (i love the australian version!very sarcastic, just up to my alley!) or survivor where a bunch of people do some idiotic things to win some cash? wasn't even easy money (unlike what we'd like to think)...only one person will win and the rest?...well...they just have to get over it....

a visual stimulus for u courtesy of 'wipeout'

the more people hurt/fall/bleed/fight, the more entertaining it is...who wants to watch some show where everyone is nice to one another, respect other people's feelings and succeed in every challenges there are facing?....that's bullshit...we want blood and gore!....we want conflicts and bitch-slaps!....we want backstabbing and hatred....we also want morons and shit-asses...alas, that's what reality show is all about...feeding our secret monsters and wasting our precious time...but...can we all agreed we are all suitably and satisfyingly entertained?...


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