Tuesday, April 13, 2010

google chrome

how about that?...my first time using google chrome since firefox stalled some of my programs for work...i've been told it worked great...it's different from mozilla firefox (definitely!)...better than IE (anything is better than IE, that thing needs to be overhauled by the aliens!)...anyhow, i don't know whether it's worse or better than firefox....haven't fully explored yet...still, it looks pretty enough...

some things i like about it, so far (an opinion by a non-expert, a layman, if u will):

  1. the ease of use for my work programs
  2. the pretty layout
  3. the cool tab design
  4. the funny messages (like 'boo!u don't have any extensions :-) )
  5. the super awesome incognito function!(now i can watch porn with ease!hahahaha NOT!)
  6. the duplicate/pin/close other/open as a new window tab functions!
  7. faster page loading!!!!that's really really great!

              can't think of more :) it's pretty sweet so far...


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