Tuesday, April 13, 2010

my favourite topic

my little babies, b and huzayev aka baby boy (he hates that nickname, but alas, he much deserves it! :-P ) are really special...although admittedly i hadn't spent much time with them when they r growing up (me - the product of boarding school, college & moving overseas), and they still r growing up, healthily and happily i hope, i love them much...my way of catching up: simple:

  • stalking - involving checking up their blogs (still unable to access), facebook, twitter and myspace accounts
  • harassing people (mama, baba, jaja, gegel) for updates and stories
  • harassing the owner of the bodies themselves aka b and baby boy, of course, DUH!

  • i talk about them all the time, as evident here...i tell my friends and strangers about the cuteness of them...the reason i don't talk much about the other 2, jaja and gegel, well, coz they are my closest friends, my dearest sisters who are closer to me in terms of age...so, we don't embarrass each other, anywhere...although, sad to say, i am the brunt of their weird jokes all the time...and i have absolutely no way to deflect these jokes...

    anyway, b and aboy (that's his actual nickname ;-P) have distinct personalities and adorable traits when they were mere babies...well, now i can safely say these traits are adorable...back then, they were the terrible monsters, out to threaten my peace and sanity...let's do this one person at a time, shall we....


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