Friday, April 9, 2010

new look!yay!

it's high time for a new look!...when youtube and mozilla revamped, i decided to follow the masters' footsteps and viola!...alas, i'm still too lazy and to inexperienced to make my own template, thus with the helping hands of dear ole google and a handful of blog templates websites, i present you, the all new layout!!!

yes yes, it's not original...who cares?...i don't...hehehehe...i seriously love this one!...the 'comment' section works, that's the most important thing...even if i know i will never actually receive a real comment huhuhu...anyhow, before i wax rhapsody over my super-awesome-'stolen' template, i'll leave u, gentle readers to be wowed by the greatness/cuteness/awesomeness (have i mentioned that?) of my all new blog (at least i do make an effort to change the outlook hehehe)!!!!...

p/s: pardonez-moi for the same picture of the same layout that u can actually see clearly...what can i say?...i was too overwhelmed...hohoho..


avec-sans said...

at lasttttttttttttt i can leave a comment here

Harley said... long last!!!...hahaha...long live html!

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