Sunday, November 15, 2009

so much to do....

life is full of surprises....hmm....just love those words of nothing to do with the whole scheme of things in this particular post but yeah, sound very profound and deep...anyway...i'm connected to the hip to my internet connection...i will so miss my beloved relatively fast broadband when i go back to my home country....i feel like hoarding lots of files to many things to new favourite drama, you're beautiful, so many shoujo mangas, latest fullmetal alchemist episodes, the mentalist latest eppie, so old and new songs etc etc etc....should i upgrade for the final time before thursday?

sadly, i have so many things to do...shipping company to call, money to part with, things to pack or throw, friends to say bye-bye to, emails to check (haven't done this for ages, i'm in denial), clothes, accessories, shoes and presents to shop, luggage to pack, lunch and dinner dates....and so many more things to do...i'm on contemplation mode right lost...ah listening to hush hush by pcd right now....need female empowerment *background song - 'hush hush, hush hush'*....ah did i mentioned this beautiful young man with beautiful intense eyes evie and i saw at the auckland fish market where we ate our crazy lunch today (ate lots of battered seafood with lots dips and sauces....ah not forgetting the organic chocolate and vanilla bean ice cream following)....just a valid point for aesthetic appreciation of the day...


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