Saturday, November 14, 2009

backstreet boys - i love love love love love love them!

a short mention here (tired and my brain synapse are not synapsing properly at this point)...i love backstreet boys (keep the backstreet pride alive!!!)....not embarrassed to say that i'm a huge fan since i was 12....they are pop and my music taste has evolved (less pop nowadays but i still do enjoy pop) what?...i love music so yes, their new album 'this is us' is really great (i love them and the songs, i may be biased but who cares!bsb are great!)....please take a few minutes to listen to some of their new songs and love them like i do! favourite tracks are (in no particular order):

  • this is us (please stand up!)
  • straight through my heart (this one takes quite a while to get used to for me hehe)
  • bigger (reminds me of their old tracks)
  • if i knew then (like it just because)
  • masquerade (i got this crazy mental image of scene....smoky night in venice near the river with people in beautiful dresses and clothes masquerading in beautiful masks, dancing to this beautiful music, while the boys were weaving between these people looking for special something/someone)
  • shattered (the first song that actually got the honour to replay in my brain like a broken record!)

go n listen to them!their new album may sound different and they are deviating from their old styles but hey, new can be great!did i mention i love the bsb?


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