Saturday, November 14, 2009

this year in memory diary

as usual per every year my bday passed relatively with few first text bday wish (according to auckland time) came from fazan (love love love u fazan!she texted me from the hospital, she got a night shift, poor dear) and jaja (msian time and her wish, as usual, was crazy and quirky)....honourable mention to gegel as she actually called me at 5 am (auckland time, 12 pm msian time) on the dot to wish me!....not to mention she actually quoted how much she had to topup for her phone credit to call me (errrr)....thousand thanks to dora, yaya and fazan who took time from their crazy busy schedule to take to to my first bday lunch at food alley....u guys are the best!

millions of love to mama and baba who called and texted me to wish me happy bday!this is a really really really rare action for them and because of that, i love u guys more and more!another lovely thanks to evie and nicole and joyce who took me to another bday lunch on the 13th of november, after my last exam, to one of my favourite japanese place, the sushi place on that alley near saigonz and esquires near the vector areana (funny i never remember its name!) and gifted me my favourite dessert at the yum char place near foodtown (ooops countdown now, and i remember that yum char place, it's called china yum char!!!)...i ate 2 of the heavenly durian snow (and got to taste the mango version, which, sadly, still come far second behind the durian one!)....

i have so many memories of that scene worth mentioning, the cold and evie's dressing....nicole was mentioning of the 'sexiness' of it (she used a far more hmmm descriptive word, it was funny!) and the nice warm sunny day suddenly turned cold and windy on our way to the dessert place...joyce was concerned for evie as she was the only one without sweater and shuddering in cold (all of us were garbed comfortably and well-covered in pants and sweater, well at least nicole and i did, joyce was wearing short skirt, but she, at least did have a cardigan on)....and evie's great response to that, yes, 'it's all in the mind'...coldness can be controlled by the mind...what a great philosophy evie....i learned a great life lesson!hehehehe....

anyway, after that joyce and i had a great session of karaoke at our apartment's tv room (we hogged that place for more than 4 hours straight, to the consternation of other people)...we sang and sang (at least i did, joyce were being lazy on the couch most of the time)....of course i paid tribute to old favourites, hotel california (the eagles), careless whisper (wham/george michael), britney spears songs, backstreet boys songs (my absolute absolute favourite), carpenters songs (that includes mr. postman and close to you) and incubus' drive (any songs forgotten, no offense intended, my brain is fried at this point)...sadly there was no lemon tree in the list huhuhu, that's one of my old time favourite too...joyce introduced me to a new favourite, paul anka's put your head on my future husband must sing this song for me (plus the requisite bsb's as long as you love me)....

the same friday night joyce, angela (gela aka joyce's cute cute cute sister who made me a hip bday card herself!) and i ate at mentatz on high street (again a japanese place well favoured by evie and joyce, and yes, i've eaten there a great many times too)...joyce sweetly bought me my favourite cake, the chocolate mousse cake from the gateau house next to nandos and my favourite korean place and the 3 of us devoured 85% of the cake once we reached my place after dinner (after a crazy photoshoot session)....and yes, i'm sick of the egg don (which i always ordered at mentatz) and after the health comment, i've refrained on ordering the oyster don so i ended up ordering grilled tofu don which is tres yummy!

ah to end my nice bday 2009 celebration a handful of my friends wished me a happy bday on facebook...thanks u guys!i'm really sorry for being unable to thank u guys person by person but i know who u are and i treasure the wishes!!!let this be my special dedication of thanks for the wishes!!!


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