Monday, December 7, 2015

Growing Up

Watching my baby nieces, Yaya and Nafisa, growing up is just a miracle. My beautiful babies grow up in a blink of an eye and I'm astounded. I always wonder, when do they grow up? From a little bundle of happiness into babyhood and toddlerhood, time just passes so rapidly. 

Yaya is 2-and-a-half years older than Nafisa. However, last time, whenever I see Yaya, I kept thinking, 'Yaya is so small and precious.' It seems like Yaya has never grow, even though she can speak full sentences and is very very very precocious. Just yesterday, she seems not to like me as her 'friend'. In fact, she just told her mother previously, just after she 'fought' with me, exactly how she 'fought' with me. She told her mother (my younger sister), 'Yaya cakap dengan Nana, sana Nana, sana'. Translated: 'Yaya told Nana (aka me), move Nana, move.' In other words, she told me not to be in her orbit *cries* She is smart and beautiful. And she is my precious girl. I always wonder where has all the time go.

Now here is Nafisa, my other younger sister's daughter. She is a small (not so small now as she grows up SO FAST) and super duper cute. This cutie pie is even called 'tapioca' by all of us as she is just so round and fluffy! I know, I know, tapioca does not sound cute at all, but in our language, 'keledek sebuku' is just so cute. I'm repeating the word cute for the upteenth times but that is the only word that best describes Nafisa.

Both of them are equally precious to me and I am still amazed at how rapid they are growing. I wish I can tell them to grow slowly and savour this innocence. However, time waits for no man. And we will all be here to help them through life, if time permits.


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