Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What Is Happening Right Now?

Cleaning. I have tonnes to boxes (okay, exaggeration alert, I have only 4) that need to be sorted out. A HUGE part of moving that I hate so much (I've been moving since I was 12, literally) is packing, shifting and unpacking. The packing and shifting parts are long over since early November but the unpacking part is the itty-bitty part that is left now.

And I am procrastinating. Yup. The boxes are still there. They are neatly stacked next to my wardrobe and they are still hurting my eyes (and the view). I have unpacked at least 70% of my stuff and the 30% is the part that is left to linger.

Most of the boxes are full of my clothes. I admit, I have lots of clothes. Not as many as majority of people, but enough to give me headache to sort. I know I should've thrown or donated most of it away, but every time I sort them out, I always feel that I still need this or that piece of clothing. Have you ever felt that way?

So, for now, I NEED to sort my boxes. 


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