Saturday, February 22, 2014

Little Blessings

While I won't say my move to Sibu is full of flowers and happiness (well, I did wrote a long ass rant about it, and it actually doesn't stop there), I am truly thankful for the little blessings bestowed to me. First of all, my Baba's car finally arrived here with my stuff. With that, I feel somehow supremely happy, to see my stuff and to see what food my Mama packed for me. 

Mama gave me her specialty snack that she made herself, a huge container of 'kuih gunting' or 'kuih siput'. And she also gave me rice (yes, I know, Sarawak has rice too, after all, but with that rice, I feel closer to home somehow since it's a familiar brand from home), a tin of cream cracker (I LOVE CREAM CRACKER, OKAY) and a few bags of snacks. I feel truly thankful to Mama and Baba for the food and the car. I will always remember this.

Next is the fact that my classmate, Ida, bought Vivian and I KFC. We went out with Mastura yesterday night, just cruising and driving around Farley area, just to check out the area and the supermarkets. Then, Mastura bought KFC for Ida for her dinner and gave a portion to us, per instructed by Ida. That is really nice. Random kindness is really super nice. Thank you Ida! May Allah SWT bless you ^^


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