Saturday, April 5, 2014

Peculiar Stuff

  • I hand-wash my clothes, when I live apart from my parents, since last year. First it was because of lack of washing machine. Then, it was because I was just to lazy to accumulate my clothes to fit a load for washing in the machine. Yes, that sort of laziness made me soak my clothes after the shower and wash it on the next shower.
  • I cook almost every day. I am a student, thus, living on a student budget will not allow me to eat out, not even leisurely once in a month. So, I have to cook to keep my food budget less than RM100 a month. Which means, I have to forgo the necessary balanced diet of fibre and vegetables and stick to protein and carbohydrate.
  • I get crushed every time I check my bank balance. Every freaking time. I think, deep down, I am wishing for a miracle RM10,000 to be deposited in my account, just like that.
  • I watch my baby niece's many many many videos that my sisters send via Whatsapp as regular as time flies and always have this hurt in my chest. I miss her badly, she's the baby girl who I really love. She's beautiful and oh-so-very adorable and cute! I cannot wait until she can call me 'Aunty xxx!!!'. Miss you, baby girl!
  • I am now addicted to AirAsia and Malindo. Yes, airlines. Yes, airplanes. Yes, flights. Coz I'm stuck in Sibu and I need to get out as much as possible and those 2 flights are my only saving grace. Forget MAS, it's expensive and the only way I can get a ticket is to sell part of my liver (don't worry, it can regenerate).


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