Friday, April 1, 2011


Pen holds a sacred meaning for me. Back then, when I was in primary school (that's for 7 to 12 years old here in Malaysia, at least I think so) we were not allowed to use pens to write. The reason: we make so many mistakes, it's advisable to use pencils. So, no pens for us. Thus, I waited with baited breath for the day when I was allowed to have coloured pens in my precious pencil case.

You see, my pencil case is my holy grail. I am very selective in what I put in my case. Even my pencil case is precious to me. Until now. Back then, my main aim was to fill my pencil case with as many things as possible. To me, it is a sign of superiority. Superiority of pencil cases in school, in any case. I would purposely arrange my pencil case at an optimum viewing area, so that everyone could see how superior my pencil case was.

Anyway, I grow up and grow to love to have a great set of stationaries. I now limit the amount of stuff I would stuff in my pencil case. Everything comes in ones nowadays. In my pencil case, there will be one blue pen, one pencil, one eraser, one ruler and one stapler (an essential). The main point here, the less the better. Quality over quantity. There's a saying, less is more these days (actually, this applies to fashion, but hey, who cares!I can use it where I want it).

I was actually so ecstatic when I graduated primary school and entered high school. That means that I could ultimately use pens when I write!!!!YAY!!!That's like one of the main thing I looked forward to in high school. Can you imagine my apprehension when I first use a blue pen for my notes and assignments. I think I asked my friends about whether I could use a pen so many times, I think my friends wanted to tear their hair out and screamed 'Yes, yes, use that bloody pen as you like, you bloody irritating broad!'.

Nowadays, I always make sure I have a pen with me. And a notebook. That's not important. The most important point of this post is: I love pen. I even tried so many types and brands and I finally settled on Stabilo Liner 808M. It's a perfect pen. The conclusion is, my love affair with pens will last forever. Even with the new technology like touch screens etc, I will love my pens forever and ever and ever. And ever.....

The End.

P/S: This post reminds me of a primary school Malay language essay titled 'I am a pen' where I have to write a story of life of a pen which was valued but got thrown away after a period. Stupid essay -_-


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