Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SPM Result Day

I may come from a totally different generation (in terms of SPM), but I still remember my SPM result day. It was a silent morning, you know the kind that is akin to calm before the storm kind of serenity. I couldn't sleep all that well the night before, with all the anxiety and tossing and turning. After almost 3 months of enjoyment (and part-time working which works well as I have the means to enjoy my holiday), it was the reckoning time. If there are such thing as butterflies in my stomach, I have a LEGION of them in my whole abdomen.

Anyway, I remember distinctly that I didn't want to go to my school to collect my result. You see, I wasn't that close to my high school friends in the first place (excepting Put and Farah, but we're like weird great friends; our friendship dynamics are abnormal shall we say, as we could all survive without each other and still be comfortable and happy with each other. I don't know whether I'm making any sense here). So, there was not so much of anticipation of excited chatter, squealing, crying and catching up for me, friendship-wise. I am also never close to any of my high school teacher, being who I am (I am very comfortable in my own skin, so I work well alone), so no motivation for me there too.

Thus, I decided not to collect my SPM result on The Day. However, I was curious (well whoever is not?), so I called my high school office bright and early (around 9 to 10 am, I think). Surprise, surprise, my high school class teacher told me to get my butt to school and collect my result (and told me my actual result). I was happy to collect my result (my result being my ultimate happiness) and went to do so. The rest was a blur since I didn't think I actually catch up with any of my high school friends (I felt like I was outside of my body, looking at myself in a very very detached way) or my high school teachers. But one thing that will always stick in my mind is I was definitely very happy. The SPM day turn out to be a very happy day for me.


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