Wednesday, April 13, 2011

News From The LaLa-Land

Lately I've been avoiding the news. General news, that's what I meant. I'm becoming one of those people who are losing touch from the world as I grow more distant from society. Okay. That's a bit of a mouthful. Seriously, I love where I am going right now, after all the drama these past few years. However, my social life is getting more and more pathetic (not that it was stellar before or I'm anywhere near the title 'Social-Animal of the Year'). I did used to have a life.

I go out with my friends every now and then for brunch or lunch or dinner or what-ever-as-long-as-I-eat. I catch up and gossip once in a while. I missed Dora, Yaya, Evie, Joyce, Nia and Fazan. I missed talking and gabbing about everything and nothing. Lately, it's nothing. Don't get me wrong, I still see Put once in a while, but it's been a while now. Exam is looming so every bit of energy is focused on studying and preparing. I missed my old life sometimes.

That's veering off the main point of this whole thing. I read the news (actually I was told by Jaja and the DJ of the morning show) that this stupid Malay guy who killed his wife, stuff her in a closet (I think) and proceed to have stupid monkey sex in front of the said-closet with his stupid idiotic slutty girlfriends/mistress. Apparently the maid saw/knew about this but was too afraid to come forward as she was threatened by the homicidal couple. And as you know, being a foreigner in a foreign land without absolute protection, that doesn't help the case at all, so this said-maid scrambled off as soon as she could, before the trial. Thus, this stupid fucker was freed yesterday. I got really angry. Like crazy ape angry.

I don't know why the news get to me so much lately. Every single piece of news become so personal and I am emotional invested. That's why I put off reading the news if I could (since I become so crazy busy, it's easier to do so). So, I'm stuck in the La-La land for now (land of my own orbit distance and in my own mind). Somehow, it doesn't sound so bad, once in a while.

P/S: I swear I'll kill this wife-murderer and his cheap mistress if I see them. I heard he lived close by my place. Lucky them I don't know their faces and I've yet mastered the art of killing without leaving a trace *wink wink* And his name is Mohafri Mohamed. Stupid fucker. And I wonder if anyone will ever ever cater from him again (stupid caterer). Yucks and super-ewwww. Read all about this fucker and slut here. And he is stupidly hideous. This slut absolutely has no taste and discretion at all.


fazan said...

harleyyyy, how are you? eh email no?

Harley said...

Hi Fazan!!!Will email you soonish!Miss you *muah muah* ^^

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