Saturday, February 12, 2011

You Know This Is So Wrong When... started putting the most unlikely things in your mouth. My gum around my left wisdom tooth is killing me. It looked like a crescent moon rising out of my gum surrounding my left wisdom tooth for protection. In truth, it is an annoying piece of tissue that makes me feel like poking it until kingdom comes. Which I did. I poked my back gum until it bleeds and yet I still don't stop.

The reason I poke my gum is: that particular gum feels particularly itchy and painful. Every time I eat, I feel like some pieces of food got stuck in the groove surrounding my left wisdom tooth. Sort of like wearing braces, without the braces. Thus, I brush around that area like a maniac with my toothbrush. Then, I used folded paper (making a thick sharp edge) to poke around that groove. I also used a thin clean stick, cotton bud (cutting of the bud), my pinky fingernail and various other sharp objects. Then I bleed. It promotes further injury to my gum and infection but I just can't help it. This gum is just irritating me!

I know I should see a dentist. Which I will do eventually since this has been going on for a while now. However, for now, I'll resist. Well, not resisting exactly, it's just I don't have the time, money and inclination (seriously, have you seen the tools they used on your vulnerable mouth?) to do so. We'll see how far my battle with my gum will go on.


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