Thursday, February 17, 2011

I've never been a happy camper upon waking up in the morning. I'm usually grumpy, crabby, irritated and sullen at best. Today my grumpiness has reached a new height. My next door neighbours, Aunty Ana and her husband keep more than 40 cats as pets. That number doesn't include the stray ones they feed with tender loving care. While I applaud their lovingness towards animals, I hate the fact that they don't take care of their cats properly. Their cat poop are not regularly cleaned and sometimes they let their cats wander, all more than 40 of them, in the neigbourhood to poop and piss everywhere they like to.

Knowing cats and their habits, they tend to prefer grassy area with plenty of soil to piss and poop. Marking their territory, so to speak. And knowing my neighbourhood, about 90% of the houses are cemented, thus leaving the very few like my house with green grassy area with plenty of soil. Naturally my house, due to its close proximity (next door) and its clear fresh grassy area has become the next big thing aka cat public toilet. Everyday, we can see and more importantly smell the cats' leavings. They are nasty, as most can testify and one can accidentally step on the smelly poop. The smell lingers and you feel like killing yourself, or better yet, your neighbour. That's exactly what happened to me this morning on the way to the car. I stepped on Aunty Ana's cat's poop (specifics are needed here).

While I can't blame the cats (I have nothing against them really, they are cute and adorable), they are animals after all, I blame Aunty Ana and her husband. There is a rule where one cannot simply have more than 40 pets at one time! It's against animal's right and very cruel (due to cramped and dirty space, proven by Aunty Ana's household). It's also disrespecting your neighbours due to the smelly odour (Aunty Ana and husband's negligent handling and care of their cats and their leavings) and dirtiness (poops everywhere) for us to endure, especially the right-next door neighbour. We don't live on an estate where each household has more than 10 acres of land, thus more space for the cats to leave their poop. We live in a terrace houses where more than 5 houses are attached to one another and our yards separated by just a measly fence.

My mother has mentioned about the poop and smell (coming from her house and ditch as ditch is her primary place to throw her cats' poop) repeatedly. Her response, 'Well it's not the cats fault, you know. They are just animals.'. That's a very edifying answer Aunty Ana. It showed how stupid you are. Yes, the animals depend on their innate instinct. They do poop as they like, anywhere they like. It's human who has the brain to think. So, bully you, you one stupid lady. You are the owner of the cats. You are the one who is responsible. So, can you give your brain an exercise called 'thinking' and start taking care of your cats responsibly? Or why don't you give away most of the cats for others to take care to be a better pet owner and neighbour? Or better yet, why don't you just move ASAP?


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