Thursday, February 17, 2011

And What Happened After That Incident... that the whole car smelled nasty, like shit. Well, it is shit. And I got so pissed, I felt like telling Baba (who were driving) to pass by Aunty Ana's house and scream bloody murder at her at 7 in the morning, when the sun has yet to shine. I felt like crap (I did step on a bunch of crap) and I had to clean one of my favourite pair of shoes (the white gold-trimmed 3-inch peekabo heels with pretty pretty bows at the back) on the road, then on a patch of grass in front of B's school, and then finally managed to wash the sole in a sink at school.

I wasted my morning feeling extremely angry and frustrated. My shoes were wet. I couldn't stop smelling the crap, even after I cleaned my shoes. I feel dirty all over (okay it's psychological, but hey whatever!). My dad's car carpet got dirty (Aunty Ana should clean it!). So, in conclusion I had a crappy morning today, all thanks to Aunty Ana.


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