Sunday, August 22, 2010


'we make plans, God laughs at them'...never truer words spoken...i am the ultimate list-maker...yes, the Queen of list, that's who i am...i make lists for everything...lists make my world go world...anyway, the thing about my lists are, they are just something i do...i make doesn't mean i follow them...most of the time, the lists are never completed...somehow, from the time i make lists (i remember it was way back then, when i was 9 years old, no, it wasn't that long ago, wasn't it?...i'm still young!!!), i used to follow them faithfully...

somehow, as age creeps in i never seem to manage to complete my list...i admit, sometimes the items on the list are incredibly, can a normal average 20-year-old manage to complete 30 items on a list in a day???...and to add pain to the injury, i always get derailed by some other things that are not even in the list...take today for example, i am supposed to vacuum my room, do my laundry and visit lucien at starship...somehow, none of those things are done...i did managed to clean my bathroom wasn't even in the stupid list!!!...that happens a i do other things that i am supposed to do...


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