Tuesday, July 6, 2010


there is this special species of human in this world...they usually exist in small communities such as rural areas, small towns and villages...at least that's how the term came about...in malay they are called 'kampung' or a direct translation 'village'...a good way to describe this species called 'kampung' are people who get emotional very easily, who are always envious of everyone, who blame on everyone except, yes of course, themselves and gossiping busybodies who talk about everyone's skeletons excepting, of course, theirs...there are a slew of other descriptions of these kind of people but the previous descriptions are more than apt...

anyway, i despise those who have a 'kampung' mentality and act like one...it's not because they are from rural areas...noooo...most of them are even born and bred city people!...it's more likely because the harm people, intentionally or not...and they don't know how to keep their mouths shut at appropriate times...and because they never realize that all humans make mistakes and have weaknesses...and they also will never ever realize to look closer to home, that we ourselves share equal blame of most things that happen in our miserable lives, unless it's shoved down their throats...

my extended family is full of this species...i'm not going to name names but suffice to say, they are full of envious vipers who have 'kampung' mentality, no matter how high their educations are or how full of '000000 there are in their bank accounts...basically, they are miserable low-lives who care only about themselves and acted 'kampung'...i am always full of anger when it comes to the topic of my extended family....somehow, i have become one of them...becoming one of the ones with 'kampung' mentality...i had raised my voice in anger when talking to them...i had casted blames...

well, i am making a new resolution...no more 'kampung' mentality...i am shaming myself that way and somehow, since these 'kampung' people never even realize how full of hatred i am, i am frustrating myself further...i better use my sisters strategy, indifference...indifference is worse than hate...wait...i'm too rash for that...maybe i should change my strategy to 'bitch strategy'...will update u guys on that soon!!!!...hahahaha!

p/s: harley, that is a stroke of genius!!!!bitchy indeed!


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