Sunday, July 25, 2010

in my dream, i can speak 142 languages (i wish!)

if there is one weird thing in my life right now, right at this moment (well, my life is full of weirdness, let's just say i live in weirdom), it's comments that i don't understand...let me explain that...i don't speak chinese...the things i know about the language can be fit on my smallest fingertip...that means, i understand almost nothing...well, i do know how to say 'how are you?' (ni hao) or 'thank you' (xie xie) or 'where are you?' (ni xu na li) or 'stupid' (pentan) (funny that people almost always teach you the curse words first from any others) and some other random stuff i picked up from songs, dramas, movies and friends...but that's just it...i still CANNOT speak or read it...

anyhow, lately i found it weird that i start getting comments in's not offensive (courtesy of google translate, at least the meanings of the comments sounded inoffensive from the only source of translation i have at the moment)'s not's not bad or anything...just weird...i wonder where i get all these chinese readers from...guys, if u read this post, i don't mean to be mean or offensive (gah!that word again!) or bad or anything...i just found it mysterious that i have readers whom i don't know! i thought i write random stuff that is not read by anybody but me (and some handful of friends and family)...

anyway, if u guys do read this, i would really really appreciate if u comment in english so i can reply :)'s fun to read comments!...i am really excited, like really crazy excited, when i see there is some sort of reaction to what i write...xie xie (did i get this right?)!!!


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