Monday, May 3, 2010

who, me?

don't u think that most of us have an exaggerated view of ourselves? least do acknowledge that we do that secretly...we believe that we are essentially good people, well, with exception of psychopaths out there...even psychopaths may believe that they are actually all sweetness and sunshine...basically, it is what WE believe of ourselves....we can deny all we want, i even do that all the time...for example:

miss x: harley u r such a great person! u have such talent bla bla bla...
harley: no no! i'm not that great! my talent is modest so and so...
(in my head: YEAYAH!!! i am definitely great! my talent is matchless! wow at least u know that! take that *some bitches who think u i am a great loser*)

u feel the glow of pleasure when complimented right?...even if, say, 98% of the time they don't mean it, they are just trying to make conversation/butter u up for some reason or another/don't know what to say when they see u/whatever reason they compliment u other than the real compliment itself....i definitely inflate like a balloon when someone told me that i'm:

  • a snazzy dresser (not true, i know, but alas i want to believe that!, i'm not faking false modesty here)
  • pretty (blatant untruth, but i'm happy nonetheless)
  • organized (OCD more likely but that's another point of view, no?)
  • friendly (hmm i'm temperamental, so it all depends on luck...some people will get lucky and see my friendlier side, some may see my ugly-bitchy-snobby-whiny self...good luck to u poor buggers!)
  • thin (that's stretching the truth too far, isn't it mate?)
  • desirable (just saying...HAHAHAHA!)
  • brilliant....well, let's not get carried away one ever EVER say that to my, yeah, just making conversation here, ya know....

  • actually, this intrinsic believe that we achieve greatness may be good for ur psyche in some causes us to aspire for more and enables us to move forward...this also causes us to see that the world is limitless and we can conquer our fears no matter what...however, the big 'but' to intrude my positive enthusiasm here, too much self-confidence and too little humility can be annoying...witness american idol's auditions...some get nasty when they are not picked, when it is evident that their talent is let's just say not that great...then again, when u think about it, it's their right to feel and believe whatever they want to feel and believe...we all makes our own choices right?...


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