Sunday, May 2, 2010

my dream

since i don't have anything important to say (not that i have anything important to say most of the time anyway), let's talk about dreams...i have the weirdest dream yesterday...considering most dreams are weird anyway, that's the nature of the beast, i think this dream has it's own must come from my subconscious of my wants and dreams (that word again!)....

i dreamt of buying 3 pretty cute sets of beddings...yes, beddings...they consist of: bedsheets (fitted or otherwise), valance (weird but that's how dreams go), pillowcases and duvet cover...i distinctly remember they are yellow with geometric patterns (my favourite), red and some other colour which is definitely not glaring pink...i think this dream was trying to tell me to go out and get a new set of DUVET COVER, at least...i'm kinda sick of looking at all that pink after 2 days of acquiring it...

it also tried to convey a message to me that i have the prerequisite of acquiring a new duvet cover, that is money, now...will it be wasteful to buy another duvet cover?....i'm not sure....but i cannot in hell live with this fluff of pinkness for another 6 months!...funny, joyce was commenting the other day how pink my life is...PINK IS TAKING OVER MY LIFE, AIDEZ-MOI!!!!...maybe there is some sort of pink alien who is trying to invade human's life!!! has it's own nasty purpose that only the alien knows of....maybe to get us visually sick from all the pinkness?....

with that fruit of thought, i leave u, gentle reader, to ponder on
(i don't know what the hell i'm talking about)


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