Wednesday, February 24, 2010


a quick review of yesterday's uniguide activity:

  1. caught up with friends - hey to christina, joyce, sam and other returning uniguides (malisha, dora, savelina, honor and others)
  2. met new people - line, amy (hey guys i still got the video of u guys ehem ehem, will use it in the future for future bargaining chip, errr, research purpose), that-guy-whom-i-supposed-to-remember-his-name-coz-he-asked-honor-whether-he-needed-to-return-his-shirt-so-told-him-to-take-it-off-then-and-there (such a long name), carmen, another-guy-in-the-parking-lot, natalia, and various other people whom i know i met but sorry i forgot to list u guys here
  3. free food - 2 words that said it all (shout-out to christina and sam who knew me so well)
  4. got confused in uni since there seemed to be tons of changes since i last saw it
  5. acted like a ditzy hollywood actress as i kinda gave a topsy-turvy tour to my precious little sisters and brothers, sorry guys!sorry much!thanks for being so nice to moi yesterday!
  6. ended up sleeping during our post-uniguide karaoke session and catching up session with joyce

yesterday was a fine day, by the way....

btw i got some nasty (and of course nice) pictures and videos!wonder whether i should share some...hmmm...


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