Thursday, February 25, 2010

it's all about the money!

ways to make money this year:
  1. sell some unimportant organs like my liver or one of my kidneys or ovaries, or part of my brain (does anyone want my convoluted brain?)
  2. sell my body (is anyone interested in 478-ton overweight beached whale?anyone?)
  3. live on street, like some students in paris, from what i'd gleaned from evie today (more like a way to save money, ah but what is the difference anyway?)
  4. steal from some small kids i see around this building (they don't need the money or stuff anyway...their parents are there to support and buy them stuff ;) )
  5. eat instant noodles everyday (one instant noodles per day, half in the morning, another half at night)
  6. work (but where's the fun in being boring and conventional?)

please choose one of the above options....multiple answers is acceptable...


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