Wednesday, February 24, 2010

instant noodles, a necessary evil

in making an effort to save precious shillings, i have been on a steady stream diet of free food and instant noodles...for someone who absolutely hates instant noodles, and who can actually survive and be happy not consuming them (i have eaten none last year), i have steadily eaten 4 packets of maggi tom yum since last sunday night...the reasons why an-instant-noodles-avoider like me have to force myself to swallow instant noodles are as below:

  • no money - dead broke (or too stingy to fork out $20 to buy enough groceries to last for the next week)
  • too lazy - haven't been trying to connect with the outside world due to extreme introversion
  • broke and lazy-ass
  • homesick - eating instant noodles somehow reminds me of home (though god knows mama almost never ever cook instant noodles for us)
  • my life is still a mess - so many things to handle, so eating comes into distant second, thus instant noodles mean instant sustenance

luckily yesterday i volunteered as a uniguide, thus free food...managed to inhale 3 medium slices of vegetarian pizza and 2 small portion of vegetarian sandwiches...and lots and lots of was my first almost proper meal since my arrival back in auckland...and as usual, i brought back lots and lots of breakfast bars and yogurt (surprising, i know, but then again it's recession period)...great news coming up: there'll be lots of free food during o-week, so i'm going out to get some tomorrow!!!

p/s: in the course of my lifetime, instant noodles have evolved into producing cardboard-like tasting food immersed in hot least my palate perceives the taste of them that way...


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