Thursday, January 15, 2009

need to know basis

i am a boring person...well, i am talkative but i lost thread of what i am talking about and people generally don't understand me...i am lost right now and in need of direction but as per usual doesn't know how to get it...loves music but rarely listen to them anymore (strange)...loves food (so need to lose weight)...ah when it comes to weight, the second most important thing is exercise (which i tremendously hate!)...loves clothes, jewelries, shoes (shoe slut, yes that's what i am) and love with anything printed (books books n more books!keep 'em coming mr printer errr publishers n writers)....

i generally thought i am outspoken but then again i am shy to strangers (some may think i am a snob!)...loves my mom, dad, granny maridah, and all of my sometimes-sweet-most-of-the-time-not 3 sisters and brother...loves money (coz i can shop, but have little of it) love with travelling ('tho haven't been to many places)...ah last but maybe most importantly, bf-less!!!!

yes, more of me coming so keep posted!(need to do something with the whole creepy layout soon!)


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