Saturday, January 17, 2009

hunger aka singing tummy!

do u notice that when you are extremely hungry you can smell food everywhere?funny coz the thing is i can smell food coming out of my printer next to my laptop now...i'm not really hungry per se coz i have eaten my dinner (yummy rice!yay!) but it seems like i hunger for my midnight snacks, which i don't have...i have some oats, powdered milk, some candies and a frozen marble cake...not exactly snacking warned, u are not supposed to eat so much cake in a day (which i did today n i got sick just by thinking of a cake!) i feel lost...i'm supposed to lose weight (this supposedly should be done like 10 years ago n still weight loss remains my new year's wish and lowest priority)....

ahhhh i can still smell this real nice foody i can imagine all the nice food being spread out on my table...ohhh myyyy....all the colours....all the textures....all the smell wafting, tempting even the strictest, most disciplined dieter!...but alas, that's why it's call a dream...the smell?yeah probably coming from my more than vivid imagination right now...good thing is i can always drink a glass of plain water (until i puke) and pat my back , saying 'ye good girl!it's not good to binge eat/eat so late at night before u sleep!u don't want to turn into a blimp!'....k as for my my resolve is made!no more eating after 6!....

well, that resolve will last probably let's say....when my allowance comes in?money means access to more food!^^


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