Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Little Red Shoes

I went to a shopping mall with my little sister B and my parents a few days ago. I wasn't even planning to shop for goodies, since my budget is not permitting and I'm preparing to go to Teluk Intan for my 4 postings this year. 

Alas, while I'd like to blame this on B, it's 100% my own fault for buying these ridiculously cute stuff. My shopping haul includes - 2 sleeveless chiffon top (one in light beige and another in black) a pair of really really really cute red ballet flats, a black skirt (okay, this one is a regret-buy since I didn't test it and it didn't fit me),  one dark purple tank top, 2 dress pants (one in black and another in dark brown) and 2 pant-leggings (in light apricot and black). 

I notice I am buying lots of brown, blacks and neutral colours these days. Is this a sign that my taste has gone awry or that I'm getting *gasp* OLDER?

Anyway, my really really cute shoes!

I also gotten a new pair of prescriptive glasses! I haven't changed mine in 2-3 years and it's time to get a new one since my vision is not getting any better.....

Aren't they just too cute? They are very light and I love these!!!


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