Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Woman

In my years of learning about human nature, I've met a lot of types of women. One type I particularly never understand is husband-stealing women. Well, I do understand their motivations, but I don't understand them in general. While I've never say it's only one party to be blamed (the woman), I will focus on the women since men is easier to understand. Men need food, money and women, not in that order.

While women, especially husband-stealing women, desire another person's spouse because, he may be the epitome of:

  • stability (married with a wife, kids, house, car, basically the whole shebang)
  • trophy (hey, I'm much more attractive than the first wife since I can nab him, no problem!)
  • wealth (don't care about other factors, as long as he got money to spare)
  • desperation (no possible-husband-to-be in the horizon, so may as well grab whomever in hand)

I have a neighbour, Aunty Z. She's an attractive woman in her 40s-50s (I have no damned idea). She has a high powered job with high pay. She has 2 children between 15 to early 20s. Her first husband was someone else's husband (in other words, she is the second wife and you do know a Muslim man can marry up to 4 wives, like spare tires, right?). The first husband was considerably older with children and he passed away years ago (I think about 4-5 years now).

Now, this money-grabbing bitch is onto her second one. Also another woman's husband with kids. The thing is, both husbands are considerably well-off. In other words, rich. So that's the common denominator. This bitch is marrying the husband in Indonesia to avoid the nitty-gritty of marriage ceremonial law in Malaysia. And to avoid the first wife. 

And my advice to my Mama ever since eons ago, avoid this kind of husband-stealing bitch like a plague. Nothing good will ever come to this type of friendship. And knowing Aunty Z's personality (stuck up, people-user, selfish, money-grabbing, skinflint, judgmental, secretive, emotionless), I'd say ALL WOMEN IN THE WORLD, PLEASE AVOID THIS KIND OF WOMEN. Did I forgot a horrible mother and daughter? Yes, add those 2 great qualities to the mix of horrible personality please.

Life is about balance. You give what you take and some acts are for free. One rule I always adhere is never hurt another person if you never wanted to be hurt the same way. I, for one, will never want to experience the feeling of betrayal and hurt by someone I've built my life with, someone I've built a family with, someone I've give my all to and some one I've trusted for so long. So, I'll never ever (well, I try) steal another person's property (aka the husband).

So women all around the world. Learn this. One thing a woman should never do is hurt another woman. Learn that married means taken for life. Learn that married means prohibited. 

P/S: I also believe in comeuppance. One day Aunty Z will reap what she sow. 


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