Monday, March 12, 2012


After reading more than 4 textbooks worth of diarrhea chapters, I am more than well aware of stool quality and frequency. It's mind-boggling. Thank you very much.

Oh the other hand, my concentration is shot and I am now browsing for useless information online. Information I found:

  • I watched the teaser of SNSD's Time Machine -_- I got nothing to say other than - Kids, it's not shot in a box! Hurray!
  • I watched 2AM's new MV. First, the immobile girl in the closet, it's creepy. Second, an old man who can erase memories from your stuff, cool even though it's too heart-wrenching. Third, Jinwoon is hot (yes, this ahjumma can still appreciate young hot guys). Fourth, it's a beautiful song that fits my holy trinity - sad, sad, sad. Fifth, paper effect, super-impressive!
  • I chatted with people on forums. Quoting Marilyn, 'Why are you like that?', with a sorrowful expression. I think she pitied me for my lack of social life. 


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