Friday, March 26, 2010


first of all, i know i promised a full top-to-bottom-and-inside-out BSB chronicle...but i really really really want to keep it to myself, as for now...i'm keeping it close to my heart...when i'm ready, be prepared to waste ur valuable hour to read my almost-endless meanderings of BSB...

okay, second agenda of the day:

let me clarify a few things regarding this picture:
  • i was bored so i took some random pictures
  • i was on my way to a tutorial
  • i was sleepy
  • nobody cares
  • i thought 'hey, this will be a good start of a new post!'
  • that sign, the blue 'hospital+ , newmarket' street sign, yup that's where i go to classes in grafton
  • i was seriously whacked

third agenda of the day:

do u see that?
the yellow paint on the posts.
what's up with that?
colour me happy?
this can be found at the underground entrance of psychology building.

thank you.


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