Monday, March 8, 2010

lame as

i was told, repeatedly, that my blog's name is lame really i care?...suuuureeeeeeeeee...not really, actually...try opening up a blog and updating as regularly as possible...coming up with a not-lame-with-a-capital-L title is not that easy...i couldn't come up with anything witty, or charming, or clever, so, alas, 'enter my lair' becomes the with it...i do...

as for the promised (fabled?) pictures, well, it's coming up slowly (like a 167 years old turtle)...will try to do my best and remember to take pictures with my 2.0 mp mobile phone camera...the resolution might not be the best, but that's all i have now...again, live with it (when the pictures come through ;) )


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