Friday, December 25, 2009

visiting durian

evie, nicole, lewe and janus came to kl for a holiday...with them they brought michael and morton (did i spell ur names correctly?)...the thing i remember most is lewe, michael, janus and morton's reactions to durian...we went to pak li's kopitiam (my absolute favourite, not that i have lots of favs) and we ordered like humongous amount of food...for dessert (we did order practically half of the menu) nicole ordered the was....a crazy experience, to be pc....

they couldn't even stomach the smell...the made these disgusted faces (very very comical) and gosh the taste!!!!!don't even describe the quote morton 'it tasted like fart...nasty fart (at that)'...fart????did u guys think i'd purposely feed ur delicate palates with FART????but still...their reactions are precious....they couldn't stand anything related to durian...what about durian cake/ice cream guys???looking back, i still don't get there anything about durian that is particularly nasty to foreigners but yummy to locals?

anyway, i experienced a lot these few days when they were here in kl...for example, it's really really hard for me to recommend a ba-kut-teh restaurant to evie and nicole since yup most of the ones i know are like at the suburbs...secondly, kl is really really jammed with people...esply bukit bintang area...i hate that...thirdly, i'm now all reacquainted to kl's public transportation, majorly the trains...i've been to berjaya times square like 4 days in a row...fourthly, sushi king is not particularly great in times square...the food is so mediocre, i wonder why people even go there...but i do love the fish ice cream (my sister alin loved it!)...remember the fish ice cream evie, nicole?u guys got it at the korean restaurant on nicole's bday ^^

fifth, morton and janus are the crazy ones, lewe and michael are the level headed ones, nicole and evie, well, i've lived with evie and seen nicole so many times it's difficult to describe them with just a sentence...they are great!sixth (is there a sixth?), i feel bad for them for the taxi situation...the taxi drivers fleeced them like lambs just coz they are foreigners...bad impression malaysians...seventh, (i've reached my limits of counting here) morton still didn't get his skate board, janus did spent a LOT on shopping (even though he did promised me so many times before coming) and i love the thoughtful gifts u guys brought for my family (the chocolates and the fragrant tea are just delish!the rose, well, like my sister said, my first from a guy, even though it was from all of u guys...let me keep my delusion)...

hope u guys had a great time in malaysia and do come back for a visit!next time i promise i'll have a license and i'll bring u guys to other places!

p/s: visiting durian is just a misleading title to make things all the more interesting than they actually are...


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