Saturday, August 15, 2015


Time flew by so fast. Since starting this, my life has underwent a lot of changes. Some are good. Some are bad. That is life.

I never expected that I will reach this point of my life and for my life to turn up this way. While I want to say that I'm having the time of my life or I'm having a shitty life, it is not so. I can definitely say it is different and I am experiencing a spectrum of experiences I'd never thought I would go through when I was an optimistic 17-year old.

When people say that life is a journey, indeed it is. I've journeyed through a forked path that most people traditionally would choose the easier and much expected path. I took the other path. The one less traveled and full of uncertainties.

While I want to say I am strong, I am not. This is a choice I made by a cumulative of mistakes that, on a hindsight, I should've not make. In the process, I've involved many people in my mistakes. That said, I am relieved that in 2 months' time, this part of journey will end. Hopefully, it will end well. 

I will soon take another path and re-start again. I am again feeling my optimistic 17-year old self. 

This whole post is a mumbo-jumbo of very philosophical wanderings of my mind. I've reach this far by making a lot of different decisions.

I am thankful for my family. For my Mama, Baba, siblings and grandmother. They are here for me. Always here for me and will always be. I love you. Always.


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