Friday, October 1, 2010

menu of the week

to counter my depression (i've been sleeping hours and hours last week, i need to snap out of it!) and sickness (major major headache and hot-cold feeling), i'll share my menu for next week...believe me, you don't read it's my NEXT week menu, as in the whole week...i tend to cook for the whole week basis nowadays...i'm truly overwhelmed with study and assignments to spend hours and hours everyday at the kitchen....

anyway, i'm cooking spaghetti and prawn, plain sambal (i absolutely cannot live without sambal) and deep fried prawn in my special batter (that means anything i feel like adding in the batter)...and peas...i have no idea what to do with the frozen mint peas i have, but i really really need my peas therapy...okay... ciao!over and out!


mrs.khalis said...

alaaaalaaa....watsup sweetie..tell me..

Harley said...'s ok...things will be better k!no worries!

Anonymous said...

huhuhu..adakah kamu baik2 blake?mkn r hotdog ngan roti cm ritu kte wat tuh.nyum2.sng n soooooooodap.ltk byk2 butter n mayonis

mrs.khalis said...

totis cacat! ler umah..we can talk talk~

Harley said...

@mrs.khalis:hehehe...esok call coz tadi cam ade problem ngan phone line :(

@totis: tula!!!...nk hotdog yg sedap tu! tgh kering!hohohoho...makan ape yg ade!

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