Friday, July 10, 2009

are u nuts?

i was bored and boredom and me is not a good combination...i found things when i'm, since i was bored, i found these few blogs of food lovers in malaysia...they went to various restaurants (believe me, if it's malaysia, restaurants are like mushrooms popping out after the rain) and try various food...i can't say i can compare, but almost 4 years in auckland has taught me a lot about food...yes, i've eaten so many things compared to when i'm in malaysia...granted, most of them are either vegetarian or seafood, but they are more variety to things i've eaten in kuala lumpur....

not that kl doesn't have lots of does....but i'm so entrenched in my comfort food zone, i'd say i don't experiment that far, i can safely say, the exotic food i've learned to love back in malaysia are japanese food (i was introduced to it when i was 12, years ago and i still love it!), tax-max food (learned about it a few years ago, it was delish!), italian food like pizzas, lasagnas and pasta and that's about it, i think...malay, indian, chinese, thai, indo and mixture of these are not included in the list of exotic food since i've grown up with these food....burgers n other fast food will not be included as they are a class by themselves!

anyway, in auckland, i've learned to love more japanese food (they are lots and lots, believe me), korean food (i love that korean place tucked in between nandos and the internet shop on queen street, opposite aotea square), belgian food (okay, maybe not really belgian restaurant, but that belgian bar, the occidental at the vulcan lane serves the most beautiful array of belgian seafood i've eaten!), morrocan mediterranean food (i don't remember the restaurant's name but it's in ponsonby, the price is exorbitant but it was worth every cent!) and so much more!from restaurants that charge me my whole month food budget like soul at the harbour to relatively cheap places like the korean pancake place at the corner of high street, i've learned to love them all...

anyway, i looked at some of these food-lovers blogs and some of them listed the prices of the dishes they this tax-max food, a plate costs an average of rm 35!n here i was, thinking 'wow!it's like paying for the whole cow!'...i thought it was that expensive...then i in auckland, i've eaten at some exclusive restaurants for birthdays and other celebrations (yes, my group of friends seem to think that we must eat at great restaurants for celebrations ^^) and some of them even reach to a nz $ 40 per dish!and the portion!omg, it can't even feed a baby mouse, never mind a fully grown woman!nz $ 40 is around rm 80!ooops...then, i was not that expensive!hahahaha...auckland food is definitely more expensive...i mean, normal meal that u buy at a stall in a food court here cost around nz $ 10, which is around rm 20....for that amount, u can grab good food in good restaurants in kl...and that tax-mex food, the one that costs rm 35, well, i could buy one burger and a regular fries at burger fuel with that amount....

now that i've done the comparison...i'm thankful that malaysia has such lovely choices of food with reasonable price...but then again, if i'm in malaysia, i can't afford to eat at those places, not with my current financials...coz of that, i'm thankful to be in auckland and it's great restaurants! ^^


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