Sunday, May 24, 2009


i know i should be doing my work than writing this but i really really want to get this off my chest...i love australia...not the country, not that i have anything against it (more like coz i'm more a nz person than an oz person, u know, the neighbouring rivalry thingie)...i'm talking about the movie australia...the one with nicole kidman and hugh jackman (he is such a hottie, married, old or otherwise)...i'm not really a hugh jackman fan but somehow he pushed my buttons ehem ehem in this movie (and some of his other movies too!hahaha)...anyway, no matter how people say this movie is a flop, i love it...i especially love the fact that hollywood took time to touch on the story of the stolen generation in australia (the first time i heard this story, i cried, ah n no, this movie is not the first party which informed me of the stolen generation)....

enough said, i think i would this would be firmly shelved in my favourite movies of all time (not that i watched a lot of movies and have many favourites, i'm not much of a movie watcher, i'm afraid)...ah to celebrate this fact, i'm listing some of my favourite movies (in no particular order, just what i managed to dug up from the cobweb of my memory):

  • australia
  • the reader
  • the lord of the rings trilogy
  • the whale rider (another movie really worth's a beautiful movie about a young girl and her place in this world, yes i teared copiously in this one too)
  • sympathy for lady vengeance
  • pride and prejudice (not the movie, the bbc drama...okay it's not a movie, so sue me...i love jane austen's work especially pride and prejudice forever so this must goes in this list no matter what...and jennifer ehle is exactly who i pictured as lizzie when i read this book!)
  • north and south (again not a movie but a bbc miniseries...i'm a period drama and movies afficiando and this is especially a great adaptation of a great novel by elizabeth gaskell...and richard armitage is so hot, i am literally burned on my seat)
  • firelight (a beautiful movie of love and choices people make, whatever justification we put forward)
  • an ideal husband
  • amelie (mentioned in earlier post, i think)

i can't think of any others...will add more as i remember...


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